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Fat Fast Diet – What?

Today I started the fat fast mentioned in the Atkins New Diet Revolution book, originally tested by Dr.Pawan and Professor Kekwick .

When I first heard the term “fat fasting”, I thought to myself … what is that? At first I thought maybe it was a fast from fat, but after a little more research I discovered that it was just the opposite. It’s a fast that requires you to add fat. You can eat 1,000 calories per day, with 90% of them being from fat. Crazy, I know!

Believe me, I did my research before deciding to go ahead with the fat fast diet. I’ll explain how it works and why it works in another post so you will have the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether this short-term eating plan is for you.

I’ve been doing the Atkins diet for awhile, but hit a plateau that has lasted over a month (Recently found out that this stall may have been from eating an Atkins bar with Maltitol every day).  Not seeing the scale move for that long is a bit discouraging and I was feeling like giving up, feeling like I just couldn’t get any smaller in size. That’s what made me decide to try this fat fasting thing out.

I went shopping last night and bought everything I need to do this diet and I’ll have to admit it wasn’t cheap. But some of the food and supplies I bought will last a long time and I can still use them afterwards for my regular low-carb lifestyle. I’ll be making a printable shopping list soon and adding it here for anyone to use.

I will be posting the recipes and meal plans I’m using to do the diet, what kind of results I’m having, and lots of information about the Fat Fast Diet to hopefully help those who would like to lose weight and get healthier.

Want to read the original results which were published in the Lancet in 1956, the basis for the fat fast diet that I’m doing? You’ll find that here: Pawan and Kekwick fat fast research.